Well, Hello There!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. As a wife and attempted homemaker, I have needed to look up a lot of tricks for making life easier. In the past, I’ve almost always been able to find whatever answers I need from blogs. Whether my issue was technological troubleshooting, difficult cleaning tips, or new recipe ideas, I’ve had great success getting the information I needed from one blog or another.

In light of all the help I’ve received, I want to give some of my own tips back, so I can help out some other people. The subjects I post about will probably be pretty wide spread, since I’ll mostly be posting about whatever issues I come across that week.

If there’s an issue you’re having and you think I’ll be able to help, let me know! I haven’t seen everything there is to see, but it sure seems like I’ve handled a lot of problems in my life, so I’d be happy to help with anything.